Carburetor Service

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Novi Carburetors

Fuel System Rebuild

The most common issue with any 2 stroke Watercraft is usually fuel related. All 2 stroke Watercraft should have the Carburetors cleaned every 2 years if not earlier. Inside all 2 stroke, Jet-Ski Carburetors are a set of microfilters that restrict fuel flow once the debris is trapped. With modern fuel (ethanol) and poor quality gasoline from marinas and fuel stations contribute to a leading cause of a malfunction in most Watercraft. Our Carburetor service will ensure there are no issues related to fuel flow with proper jetting. Some common issue related to carbs are:

We manually remove all Carburetors and completely disassemble for cleaning and inspection. After disassembling we manually clean all orifices and fuel passages. We soak the carburetor in a cleaning solution to remove any deposited. The carb is thoroughly cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner and all components are inspected. We replace all gaskets and diaphragms that are damaged with OEM components. The needle and seat are replaced and pop off pressure verified to be in range. All Carburetors get new Micro Filters. Last we set the low and high-speed adjustment to Manufacturers specs for your Watercraft.